Want to join our Club?

Why Join?

No cost to join

Yes, we are excited about that too!

Just $32.00 a quarter - 

every 3 months 

for 2 bottles

You choose which club:

Olive Oil Lovers

Balsamic Vinegar Lovers

I can't decide - I want them both! OO & BV


As a member you will receive:

 $2.00 off a single bottle in store

10% off non-discounted items through out the store. 

Some restrictions apply - 

ask a sales associate.

Why should I sign up?


*You love our products!
*You get special discounts :)

*You get a Free item or 2!
*You are Awesome & Our Staff is Awesome :)
*Our Staff is Considered
 Olive & Balsamic Mixologisters! 

Become a Member in 1.2.3. or, is it- 3.2.1. ;)

  1. Open the file
  2. Fill the applicaton information out
  3. Scan or Email the form back to us: nicole@olivedipity.com 
  4. Or, bing it into the store during your next visit

Club Application (docx)